An interview with Tim McClellan, founder of Western Heritage Furniture. Mark Henle/

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Western Heritage Furniture Inc.  

Western Heritage Furniture is an homage to Arizona.

“Arizona inspires me with the colors and the textures and the earth tones that we use in our furniture,” founder Tim McClellan said.

He saw in fire-damaged wood cast aside by fire departments the state’s history of cowboys and pioneers. He called it “ghost wood,” and the increasing popularity of his designs with the reclaimed wood led to the formation of Western Heritage Furniture, 887 Hampshire Ave. in Jerome.

Information from the company:

What your company produces or manufactures: Reclaimed-wood furniture and custom furniture.

Where people find your product: Online (, at our factory in Jerome, and at several retail outlets around the western United States.

Notable moment in the past year: Our owner and designer, Tim McClellan, announced that he will be starting a new TV show for HGTV in spring 2017.

One thing people would be surprised to know about your company: Our workshop is located in the gymnasium at the old Jerome High School. Being a historical building, we can’t alter the building, so the original basketball floor, bleachers and lockers are all still in place. The “Marauders” mascot looks over us with his sword in the air as we work.

Number of Arizona employees: 10.

Years doing business in Arizona: 23.