When Jose and Laura Sifuentes opened their Bargain Furniture store on Patrick Street in Dublin in September 2016, they were fulfilling Jose’s long-time dream.

“I’ve been in the furniture business a long, long time and I love it, but I always wanted a big store like this with room for everything. That’s always been my dream,” Jose said.

He points to a sign hanging above the entrance to the bedroom furniture section that says “Dream” and says, “Now, I’m living it. I give my wife a bunch of the credit. She did all the decorating and arranged what you see in here. I couldn’t be living my dream without her.”

He’s quick to add that the dream also includes his and Laura’s two kids, son, Joe and daughter, Roxana.

Bargain Furniture is 4,925 square feet of just about everything — over 3,000 items — and it’s not just furniture, although that’s the primary theme.

There’s also a boots-and-hat section, wall decorations, flower arrangements, jewelry and plenty more.

“All the wooden pieces are imported from Mexico,” he said. “I have five or six distributors down there that I buy from. The rest, like sofas and mattresses are made right here in Texas.”

Jose got into the furniture business working for Ed and Kate Right in Fort Worth and became a district manager, with territory that included Stephenville.

“Ii fell in love with the city of Stephenville and Erath County and when my boss sold the business because of health reasons, I stayed on for a couple of years, but knew I wanted to open a store of my own. A while later, I opened a store in Stephenville next to the movie theater.”

Later he relocated to Dublin in a space that was much smaller than the new store. That one was located on Blackjack Street, but he always had his eye on this old store with the beautiful, original front doors and huge windows — and of course, much more space — on Patrick Street.

“When this space became available, it was just what I’d always wanted, the price was right, and it’s at the stoplight intersection in Dublin, so we bought it and went to work painting, refinishing the floors, all of that. It took us about two months to get it ready to open and we’re very happy with how it came out.”

Asked to sum up his business model, Jose says, simply, “I back everything I sell with my word. That old saying, ‘The customer is always right’ is my motto. If they’re not happy with something we sell them or our service — for any reason — I want to know it and I will make it right. I guarantee that.”

Bargain Furniture is the brightest storefront in Dublin; brilliant turquoise with multicolored lettering, and located at 109 S. Patrick St.

Store hours are Tues. – Fri. 10 a.m. – 7 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., closed Sun. – Mon.

You can find Bargain Furniture on Facebook or call 254-445-0300.