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(WFLA) – Thousands of Kane’s Furniture customers may receive full or partial credits for their purchases, as part of a preliminary settlement reached in a class-action lawsuit about defective leather.

Customers complained of defective “bonded leather” that peeled or flaked off after a year or two of use.

Under the settlement, customers who complained within a year of their purchases could receive a 100 percent refund of the purchase price, or a store credit. Those who complained in the second year could receive a 50 percent refund, or a credit of 100 percent of the purchase price.

Even customers who did not complain at all could receive five to 100 percent of the purchase price, depending on when they purchased their furniture, according to the settlement agreement. That would be paid out in the form of a 60 percent store credit and a 40 percent cash payout.

Kane’s spokeswoman Lisa Brock said the company is taking care of customers and “going above and beyond” to make customers happy.

The proposed settlement agreement requires final approval from a judge during a hearing scheduled for May 1.

Brock said the company admits the bonded leather was defective, but says Kane’s was a victim, too, because it purchased the items from a manufacture.

Furniture included in this settlement was sold from July 27, 2010 through Dec. 5, 2016.

Alice Blake is one of many customers to call 8 On Your Side’s Better Call Behnken about their Kane’s furniture. Blake wants to know how she could be helped by this settlement. Her red couch started peeling, she said, about a year and a half after she purchased it.

The now three-year-old couch is peeling so badly she covers it in plastic to sit down in order to keep the fragments off of her.

“I don’t even want to sit here,” she said.

She complains that she was offered $700 store credit, but thought that was not fair, given the advertised “lifetime guarantee.” She paid Kane’s $1,400 for the furniture, but says she paid $2,800 total, after financing charges.

Brock said she thought the couch did not look nearly as bad when the customer first complained, but she said the company has decided to offer her a full refund for the $1,400 that the company was paid.

If you received a letter from Kane’s about this settlement, you can call 1-877-266-4060 for more information. Other customers with concerns can call 727-545-9555, extension 247.


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