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INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – A non-profit group that helps adults living with physical and mental challenges was burglarized early Sunday and it was all caught on camera.

The images show the thief stealing the furniture from the front porch of Joy’s House In Broad Ripple.

Joy’s House president Tina McIntosh said, “It’s a violation and how this man did this was very bold.”

Because of the clients they care for and the need to keep a close eye on them, Joy’s House has many security cameras on site.

At 6:18 Sunday morning, two cameras caught a man pulling up in a U-Haul and park in front of the agency. It shows him walking up to the porch and taking two chairs, a side table and even a potted mum plant.

McIntosh said while seeing the video made her both angry and sad, “It’s not about the porch furniture.”

She said what bothered her most was why the thief had done it.

“At first we were shocked. We’ve been here 17 years, maybe we’re just lucky, maybe it’s kind of silly to some to leave things out where people could take them, maybe we’re too trusting…then anger sets in. Anytime someone takes something that’s yours and not theirs…you get a little angry and some sadness sets in. I felt sad for us that someone would take something of ours, but also sadness for the person who took it. Why does someone take something? is it out of desperate need? I dunno, so personally, I feel sad for someone that takes from someone else,” said McIntosh.

She gave copies of the video to police, who are following up on leads. Tonight at 6:00, McIntosh tells us what she’d say to the thief if she had the chance.

The suspect put the furniture into a U-Haul and drove off.

Joy’s House provides care for adults living with physical and mental challenges. They also provide help for caregivers.

If you recognize the suspect seen in the photos, please call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.


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