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Caracole coordinating furniture donations to 2016 Louisiana Flood victims

Over the last week, Louisiana has experienced one of the worst natural disasters in recent history. For those following the situation, it is difficult to understand the lack of media coverage. But without a spotlight on the situation, outside assistance has been limited.

Areas in southeastern Louisiana received between 15 and 32 inches of rain in a 48 hour period. This was not a named storm, so the residents had no warning before the catastrophic flooding event. More than 30,000 people were rescued by state police, national guard, or local volunteers during the first week.

To date 20 Parishes (Counties) been declared Federal disaster areas.

As of Friday August 19, it is estimated that 110,000 homes and 7000 businesses in the Greater Baton Rouge area have been damaged or destroyed. That is 31% of the homes in the 9 parishes around Baton Rouge. Only 15% of all homes in the region have flood insurance. In Livingston Parish, the hardest hit, 86% of homes were damaged or destroyed.

The cleanup and repair process has begun, mostly self-funded and staffed with family and friends. That effort will take several weeks. There is a desperate need in the hardest hit areas for basic furnishings to restore these homes to a livable condition once the repairs are complete.

The furniture industry has an opportunity to pull together and provide some much needed assistance in a very bad situation. We are asking for donations of basic Bedroom, Dining Room, Living Room and Office furniture settings. Caracole will coordinate the pickup and transportation of furniture to the impacted regions in South Louisiana.

We are working with Volunteers of America Greater Baton Rouge – Acadiana to coordinate local facilities, staffing and distribution. They are reaching out to local furniture retailers to assist with the effort. The donation would be publicized as a collaborative Furniture Industry initiative.

All donations, large and small, are welcome. Every setting helps a family in need. Caracole will be donating 3 truckloads of furniture to the victims.

Please contact Triche Leander at , 336-389-5217 if you have any questions or suggestions.


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