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If you ever get tired of your furniture, don’t get rid of I — rearrange it. Interior designer Casey Alvarez Blanco has tips for us this week on how to make a great furniture layout to update your home.

Her first tip is to take a good look around before you buy anything new. “Shop your house. Go walk around other rooms and see what you can bring in from other places to fill a room that takes priorities,” Casey said.

Also, don’t be afraid to mix modern with traditional furniture in the same room. Casey believes doing so – gives the room “soul” and she says if you are able, having at least one antique in every room is a nice touch to a modern room. As you prepare the layout for where you place furniture to update your home, Casey says you should be careful about sectionals and “puffy” furniture. These “puffy” pieces can take more space than you imagine and tend to block entryways, which can make a room feel closed off.

Also, Casey suggests you group furniture together in wideopen rooms, or in rooms of older homes that serve no practical purpose for you. For instance, take an old dining room, and make it a sitting area. In wide rooms, instead of pushing furniture toward the walls, group two sets of seating areas separately, to give the room a dual functionality. Ideally, Casey said, you want about 40 inches for walkways between furniture. Allow 12 to 16 inches between sofas and coffee tables. On Gear Friday, we’ll show you some tools that can help you with the layout plan for your furniture if you don’t have a natural eye for that kind of thing.


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