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Anyone who has ever had the joy of owning a cat knows that everything is theirs, including their owners. If your cat wants to sit on your couch or sleep on your bed, he or she is usually going to get their way. But what if cats could have their own furniture? Something that goes above and beyond the cheap and clearly less comfortable cat beds and platforms available in stores? Now they can, thanks to a few famous furniture makers in Japan.

Via Spoon & Tamago, Okawa Kagu has unveiled a line of high end miniature furniture that is meant specifically for cats. And these gorgeously designed pieces don’t just look like furniture, they are every bit as detailed and well-crafted as the human-sized furniture made in Okawa City, which is said to be one of “Japan’s furniture capitals.”

The samples shown in the video above were both designed and produced by the same craftsmen who created the larger bed and the Santa Fe style couch that inspired them. The mini cat furniture even uses the same material. They’re almost identical to the original pieces.

The good news is that cat lovers can inquire about the sofa and the bed at the respective sites of their creators. The bad news is that even if you purchase these lovely items, there’s no guarantee your cat will use them as intended. They may still prefer to lie on your bed, your couch, or a cardboard box. But if nothing else, at least the cat furniture will still be very aesthetically pleasing!

What do you think about the cat bed and the cat sofa? Unleash your claws and share your thoughts below.

Images: Okawa Kagu

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