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And you thought that second glass of wine before assembling your Scandinavian stick furniture might have been ill advised. In “Giancarlo and Nicole + LSD,” a young couple drops tabs of acid, and 45 minutes later, attempts to assemble the rather complicated NORDLI cabinet from Ikea. Hilarity ensues.

This video, currently blazing its way through social media, is the brainchild of two creatives, Hunter Fine and Alex Taylor. It is the first in a series of videos they’ve dubbed Hikea.

In a second video posted to their site, test subject Keith chows down on a bag of ‘shrooms and then gets to work on the MICKE desk. After over 5 1/2 hours, a pile of “extra” parts, and 12 skipped steps, he has something he can at least sit at. He didn’t do much worse than when I try and build these pieces straight.

Taylor and Fine have plans for additional Hikea episodes. Catch them while you can, before Ikea’s IP police sober them up.


gareth branwyn

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