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Sometimes you’re looking for a very specific item to fit in with your décor, but you just can’t manage to find the perfect piece. Maybe it’s the measurements that are off, or the color just doesn’t work. Whatever the case, what you really want is someone to make exactly what you’re looking for.

French start-up company Drawn wants to help with that. The company is launching its first set of 3D-printed, decorative furniture pieces that it creates using a robotic-arm style printer called Galatea.

“Drawn was born as a result of our dream to locally produce custom-made furniture. Our goal is to make furniture differently, by keeping it simple,” according to the company’s website.

Here’s how it works: You decide what kind of furniture you want, including the color, dimensions, shape, materials… the works. All you need to do is supply that information, and the company gets down to printing.

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Drawn’s printer, Galatea, is a giant robotic arm that was developed by the company’s creator, Sylvian Charpiot. The machine was born from an industrial robot he found in an automobile factory.

Drawn showed off Galatea last year in Paris.

Drawn showed off Galatea last year in Paris.

Charpiot showed off his once-junked machine last year at Maker Fair in Paris, where it was a big hit.

Now Galatea will  print out your designs, similar to other 3D printers: layer by layer. The printer employs different shades of plastic materials, like that kind used to make Legos, by heating up to almost 450 degrees Fahrenheit and forcing it out through the nozzle to create any shape and size piece your heart desires.

Turnaround is pretty quick, too. The machine can actually print a customized chair in about two hours.

Drawn has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for the company. For just over $30, you can get some customized hangers, but if you’re feeling generous, there are plenty of other customized creations the company will print for you, like toilet-paper holders, lamps, and bottle racks. You can also head over to Drawn’s eShop and discover how to customize your pieces.


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