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We love when the warmer weather comes around and we get that urge to purge all our extra stuff. Offloading furniture — to make room for new, fun pieces — can be a bit tricky, but it’s totally doable. These days, with so much technology at our fingertips, more and more people are turning to the internet to sell everything, including furniture.

We asked Geoffrey De Sousa, chief curator for Previously Owned by a Gay Man, for a breakdown of how to sell your furniture, where to sell it, and how to make it appealing — including the one photo rule you should never break.

There is no bad time to sell

“Anytime of the year can be a terrific time to purge unwanted things from your life,” according to Geoffrey. He said springtime and right before holidays tend to be when he feels there’s an uptick in wanting to clean out, but any time you feel like clearing clutter, it can easily be sold to someone else.

The online furniture market is bustling

While it may seem a little wacky to sell something as cumbersome as furniture online, Geoffrey insists that it’s the way to go. “You can reach so many more people,” he said, especially if you use a site like Previously Owned by a Gay Man or even eBay.

Be realistic about pricing

Geoffrey said it’s extremely important to not only do your research when pricing what you’re selling but to also forget about what you paid for it originally. “I find that can be a stumbling block for some people. You’ll need to be realistic — what will someone pay for this item?” You want to clear out your space, so sometimes going down on a price is what you have to do just to get rid of it.

Never put filters on sales photos

Filters distort what the piece of furniture truly looks like, so it’s something Geoffrey said to always avoid. He recommends, however, taking the furniture outside to shoot in natural light, if you can. “It’s great to show the piece head on, from all four sides, and from the top.” He also noted that you should be sure to take detail shots, especially if your furniture has some wear and tear. You want to be honest with your potential buyers! He also suggested including photos of a label if it’s a name that will attract more buyers.

Above all, make sure your furniture is clean

“Dust the entire piece, use some furniture polish on wood pieces, tighten any bolts that need to be tightened, fluff cushions — you know what I’m saying!” Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and think of it that way. Make sure your furniture is something you’d want to buy. Again. Since, you know, you did already buy it once.


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