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A 3-year-old boy in Fort Thomas was hospitalized after tipping a 150-pound dresser on himself.

Now, we’re learning how common these types of injuries are and what you can do right now in your home to eliminate the danger.

Pillar Rogers, 3, tipped over a massive dresser just as his mom, Samantha Rogers, put him down for a nap.

“All of a sudden I heard like a massive crash and a scream and so when I ran in there from the bathroom, my little boy was underneath the dresser,” Rogers said.

It all happened about a year ago. Rogers said her “mom instincts” kicked in and she rushed to lift the dresser, hoping it didn’t crush her 26-pound little boy.

“I could barely get it up off of him. I was trying to use my leg strength, my arm strength, and I was like get him out from underneath the dresser,” Rogers said.

Pillar’s father, Aaron Rogers, was outside when the furniture fell on him. When his dad took a look at his son, he noticed a big lump on his son’s head.

“He was coherent, like he was talking. He screamed at first and then he didn’t cry,” Aaron Rogers said.

The Rogers took Pillar to Children’s Hospital. An injury prevention specialist there tells us accidents like this are all too common.

Nine kids were rushed to Children’s this past year for furniture falls. Nationwide, a child goes to the ER every 45 minutes with a furniture fall related injury.

“Sometimes those do result in death because a heavy dresser is no match for a build of a 2- or 3-year-old child,” said injury prevention specialist Dawne Gardner.

The issue gained renewed nationwide attention after a video went viral, showing a boy crushed under a dresser. His twin brother worked to save him.

“You have to be careful of putting that sippy cup up on the dresser. And then that dresser not being secured to the wall because dresser drawers become steps,” Gardner said.

“I was so thankful that he was alive and that he did not die,” Samantha Rogers said.

“Yeah, I definitely think it was miraculous, and I definitely think in everyday life. It would have broken bones,” Aaron Rogers said.

Now this Fort Thomas family has nailed their furniture into the wall. Experts say you need to stay one step ahead and recommend using furniture straps to anchor heavy furniture to the wall.

“Parents just have to be proactive. Mounted furniture, regardless of how heavy or light it is, is the best type of furniture to have,” Garner said.

Furniture straps come in all sizes and price ranges. A lot of furniture you buy will come with an anchor of sorts. If you need one, Furniture Fair is providing kits for free.


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