Furniture maker in Republic again is accused of failing to complete order – KSPR

REPUBLIC, Mo. (KSPR) – A Republic furniture maker is accused of making promises but not delivering.

Mark Harris used to advertise his services on Facebook under ‘Celtic Woodworks’. He’d take orders from people interested in his custom furniture pieces. Some customers say he was keeping their money and would leave them empty handed.

He faces charges in a two counties in the Ozarks. Now, a friend of Harris in Texas says she’s been used.

“No idea he would do this to us. No idea he was doing it to anybody,” said Heather Clay.

She and her husband are friends with Harris.

He tried to send some pictures of what was refunded and it was supposed to be here in three days. Now it’s been five days. He told a friend of ours that he was bringing the furniture by. There’s no furniture and no money. He’s lying,” she says.

Clay says she ordered an entertainment center to be built by Harris. She says when he did not make good on his promise, to deliver it to Texas, she and her friends got suspicious. They searched Harris’ name online.

“That’s when he found the news reports, and he sent us the links to them,” she said.

Other customers who say Harris failed to make good on orders for furniture came to us for help. They were hoping it would pressure the furniture maker to do the right thing.

We went to Harris’ house to get his side on the latest accusations. He wants to wait until after he goes to court to address claims that he’s scamming people.

“If I was trying to scam people, there’s other ways to do it. You know that’s ignorant,” said Harris.

“He should have thought twice before he ripped me off,” said Clay.

She disagrees with Harris’ claims of innocence.

“It’s not even the money. I’m not hurting for the money. It’s the principle that he did that. I would have gave him $350 instead of him ripping me off,” she said.

Harris says he has sent Clay her refund on a deal she says was too good to be true.

“It was almost kind of unbelievable for me that it was that cheap, with the price of lumber, the glass that I wanted and everything that I wanted. I kind of thought that was a little unbelievable price anyway and now I know why,” she said.

Harris says he will give us an interview and clear the air once he’s exonerated of all pending charges against him.

He will appear before a judge in Webster County on Oct. 24.


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