Anyone who has been through a natural disaster that has destroyed a home knows how traumatic it can be. The Houston Furniture Bank is about to be perhaps busier than it ever expected this month. 

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey flooding and with thousands of Houstonians impacted by flood waters the charity organization will need donations more than ever. 

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Basic furniture items like beds, mattresses, couches and kitchen tables will be in high demand. While driving through heavily flooded areas seeing someone’s waterlogged living room furniture sitting sadly on a curb is commonplace. 

“So many in our community are suffering right now, struggling to put their lives together again after losing their homes and everything inside of them, including their furniture,” said Oli Mohammed, executive director of Houston Furniture Bank, in a statement Tuesday.

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Media: R. Carter, Houston Chronicle

“Our commitment is to ensure as many of these families and individuals can furnish their homes without having to spend a dime.”

Federal and state assistance provided does not typically include furniture, making charitable organizations all the more a necessity in these cases. 

According to the the 501(c)3 nonprofit they have been contacted by more than 85 groups and partner agencies inquiring about furniture for Houston residents in need. 

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An arson-related fire in August 2015 sidelined the Houston Furniture Bank but it reopened in April of this year. A new 75,000-square-foot warehouse and distribution center is being used to collect and send out furniture as needed starting this week. 

The outlet center at 8220 Mosley Road in southeast Houston is open Tuesday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Established in 1992, the charity has been helping over 80,000 Houstonians outfit homes in a time of need.