Maine firefighters call on lawmakers to ban certain chemicals in furniture – WGME

AUGUSTA (WGME) — Maine firefighters and their families are calling on lawmakers to better protect first responders.

They are speaking out in favor of a bill that would ban certain chemicals in furniture.

Professional firefighters across the country are rallying for a Day of Action.

It’s a movement to show support for a bill that would ban the distribution of upholstered furniture that contains flame retardant toxic chemicals.

If passed, furniture that has more than 0.1% percent of the flame retardant chemical or a mixture of it will not be allowed to be sold.

While many believe flame retardant chemicals are put in furniture to stop the spread of the fires, members of the group Prevent Harm and the Environmental Health Strategy Center say it’s not needed and those toxic chemicals are putting firefighters at risk for cancer.

They say it’s dangerous for them to entire a burning building that contains those chemicals.

While some disagree with the bill, group members say firefighters die of cancer more than any other job related death, which is why they support this bill.

Last month 11 members of the Environment and Natural Resources Committee voted “ought to pass” on LD 182’s majority report.

Firefighters and their family members are expected to testify in favor of the bill during a press conference at the state house Tuesday morning.


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