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The City Council on Monday night welcomed Ashley Furniture Industries Inc., announcing that the retailer will invest $65 million into a 358-acre tract of land in the eastern portion of Mesquite for a new 850,000-square-foot southwest regional distribution and fulfillment center.

“Economic development and job creation are two of the City Council’s top policy issues,” said Mayor Stan Pickett. “We could not be more proud and excited that Ashley Furniture Industries Inc. has chosen the Mesquite community to call home for their next distribution and fulfillment facility.”

“The city of Mesquite has embraced our company and has proven to be a business-friendly environment with a strong workforce, allowing ample opportunity for growth,” said Todd Wanek, president and CEO of Ashley Furniture Industries Inc. “As a customer-centric company, the investment to build in Mesquite is one we feel will result in improved efficiencies to better serve our worldwide customers.”

Councilman Dennis Tarpley, along with the rest of the City Council, were pleased to have Ashley Furniture come to the city and be a part of the economic development. He said it was with the efforts of Pickett, manager for economic development Tom Palmer and City Manager Cliff Kehely that this was made possible.

“Thank you for the confidence in the community, and thank you for the investment in the community. It’s been a long time, in terms of working with the council, working with the city, working with you guys, and it’s been tough in terms of where we’ve been as a council,” said councilman Greg Noschese. “The public has been pushing us and begging us to bring in some industrial development into the community. While we’ve had some starts and progress in some other areas, this is huge, and it’s huge in the stand point of the number of jobs you’re going to be bringing into the community, the pay level of those jobs, and then the long term invest that you’re making, not only in Mesquite community, but in its people.”

Pickett added that he hopes this is the start of a long-term relationship with Ashley Furniture and hopes that in the next 10-15 years this relationship brings in 700 to 1,000 jobs.

Ashley Furniture is a privately owned company and the world’s largest furniture manufacturer. The Mesquite center is estimated to bring in nearly 350 full-time jobs.


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