Ikea is launching a line of furniture that could change your life – at least in the home.

Ikea (montage)

Ikea is launching a line of furniture that could change your life – at in your home. 

The Swedish furniture giant asked researchers, physiologists and ergonomists to design furniture and kitchen supplies with maximum comfort and usability in mind.


The result is the soon-to-launch collection OMTÄNKSAM (meaning “considerate” in Swedish). 

Ranging from antislip trays to malleable chair cushions, Omtänksam is a departure from Ikea’s normally very standardized selection; targeting people with limited mobility, such as the pregnant, the elderly or people who have undergone surgery.

“We have looked at the many phases of life, and the needs that can emerge when our physical circumstances change. No matter if it’s temporary or permanent, at some point in life, we all need som extra support in our day-to-day life,” says Anna-Klara Stenberg Gleisner, one of the designers behind Omtänksam, to Swedish tabloid Expressen.

Omtänksam will be launched on November 17th. Ikea says there will be further product launches within the collection later on. Have a look at some of Omtänksam’s offering here.

Photo source: Ikea

USD prices are indicative. 

This armrest cushion can also be used as leg support. Retails for $30 (SEK 249)

Here is Ikea’s new anti-slip porcelain, together with easy-to-grip cutlery.

The Omtänksam chair cushion costs around $19 (SEK 149)

This antiskid tray makes sure that plates, cutlery and glasses stay put. $5 (SEK 39)

This lumbar cushion helps you sit upright. It can be easily attached to your favorite chair with velcro patches. $15 (SEK 129).

The Omtänksam washcloth is made of soft and durable silicon, which helps you open can lids. $3 (SEK 19)

This armchair has lumbar support and an adjustable neck cushion that helps you sit comfortably, even over a long period of time. The high armrests help relieve your arms. 

The Omtänksam armrest cushion seems to be an excellent place to rest your head while reading. $30 (SEK 249). 

This foam-filled chair cushion forms according to your body. Antislip material on the bottom helps keep the cushion in place. 


At the very least, “Omtänksam” has merged life hacks and practical tips into furniture and accessories.