Orem man arrested on report of stealing furniture from house, selling … – Daily Herald

A man was arrested Thursday in Orem on reports of ransacking a house, stealing furniture, and then selling the furniture online.

Police reports state on Jan. 11, the suspect, Harrison Cunningham, entered a home and stole multiple pieces of furniture, causing a significant amount of damage to the house as he transported the furniture. Police reports state he even defecated in several of the rooms of the house.

The homeowner took Cunningham, 20, to civil court in May, where Cunningham was ordered to pay the full value of the stolen furniture, reportedly $30,422.

Cunningham had 10 days from May 14 to comply.

On May 26, an officer with the Orem Police Department was contacted by the homeowner, informing him that Cunningham had not complied with the court order and wanted to file charges against him.

Cunningham reportedly told police that he transported the furniture to a storage unit and sold it piece by piece online. Reports state Cunningham said he used the money for rent, food, gas and marijuana.

Cunningham was booked into Utah County Jail on suspicion of one second-degree felony of theft and one class B misdemeanor of criminal mischief.


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