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MILWAUKEE – Neighbors in Bay View are reporting patio furniture thefts. 

“It’s irritating,” Mark Mantel said.

“I don’t have anyone to set my coffee nor my meat when I cook later on,” he continued.

Mantel’s fiancée, Lynn Wallrath, was the first to notice the two were burglarized. Mantel says the thieves made off with all of their patio furniture including a table, chairs, and even the patio umbrella.

“My fiancée’s the one that discovered it,” he said.

“She came out early [and] then got me up to say, Hey, guess what? Our patio furniture was missing’,” he continued.

According to Mantel the theft happened Saturday. He lives in Bay View off of Dewey Place, where his neighbor also fell victim to the patio furniture thieves.

“As of this morning, we learned that another house up the block also had patio furniture stolen,” he said.

“Is this a safe neighborhood? Yes. Do things like that happen regularly? No. Have things like this happened in the past? Sure,” Mantel continued.

Mantel said though this kind of theft is frustrating, things could be a lot worse. And for him, the silver lining is, the thieves left one of his prized possessions untouched.

“[I’m] happy about that grill,” Mantel said.

“That was a gift from my fiancé last year, brand new, so I’m still cooking dinner tonight. We’re not ordering,” he continued.

Milwaukee police confirm reports of the stolen patio furniture. MPD asks all neighbors to remain vigilant.

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