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ahead of the london design festival 2017, pentatonic – an innovative, new company focused on establishing a circular economy – announces its first set of furniture formed from recycled smartphones, bottles and food. with more and more redundant products sent to our landfills each year, with an estimated 20 million metric tons of plastic waste entering our oceans in 2016 alone, the brand decided to transform consumer trash into mass-production design pieces. furthermore, a buy back system guarantees customers that their purchased items will be bought back and once again recycled into new editions.

the pieces are composed of minimal components to enable great flexibility for customization
all images courtesy of pentatonic



waste aluminum, glass, food and plastics are the building blocks for pentatonic’s furniture range. the ‘airtool’ system comprises of minimal component chairs and tables, which are customizable with a choice of materials and fabrics, such as: tactile felts, luxurious fabrics, ultra strong textiles and hand finished metals. these designs are completely modular, meaning that components are easily replaceable in case of damage, and interchangeable for aesthetic updates. additionally, the ‘airtool’ system is completed with a unique glassware range made from old mobile phones.

old phones, tablets and computers are the building blocks for the range



‘we don’t believe in toxicity. we don’t believe in products which cannot be recycled,’ said jaime hall, co-founder of pentatonic, to designboom. ‘we have applied circularity to every aspect of our company through spending our days prototyping, creating and analyzing; honing precision engineering and manufacturing excellence, which enable our progressive designs – to make components that are interchangeable, expandable, tradable and all made with trash. by creating modular products, we enable people to continuously reimagine their interior. people could even use our components to build something wild that we haven’t even thought of.’

the brand hopes to reduce global waste and kick start a circular economy



‘pentatonic furniture is manufactured all over europe, notably germany, the UK and italy,’ johann boedecker, co-founder of pentatonic, told to designboom. ‘our circular way of manufacturing is a major departure from traditional furniture making. for example: fabrics woven on haute couture italian heritage looms sat next to cutting edge injection molded parts, all made from post-consumer waste – is something radically new for this space. no more screwdrivers and allenkeys, glued together MDF boards with cheap veneers. all you need to configure pentatonic furniture is your hands.’

the modular furniture is interchangeable, and recyclable, to allow consumers to adjust their aesthetics waste free



during the london design festival 2017, pentatonic are set to open its first pop-up store in shoreditch, east london, as well as exhibiting as part of the design frontiers at the somerset house.

a unique glassware accessory collection finishes off the collection


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