Sebastian Herkner uses Colombian weaving technique for Caribe furniture – Dezeen

Sebastian Herkner‘s Caribe furniture range is produced by craftsmen in Santa Marta, Colombia, using a traditional technique many learn at school.

IMM: Caribe by Sebastian Herkner for Ames

The collection, which has been made for German furniture manufacturer Ames, uses bright contrasting weaving to bring a “Caribbean mood” to interiors.

Strands of brightly-coloured plastic are wrapped around a tubular steel framework to form interlaced tabletops and seats.

IMM: Caribe by Sebastian Herkner for Ames

“They are handmade, they might have imperfections, but they have their specific beauty,” said Herkner. “On the one hand our environment is becoming more and more transparent and connected, but on the other hand we appreciate real tactility and values.”

Round tables feature woven “skirts” that wrap around the legs, while chairs have stripe-patterned backs made from wrapped plastic threads.

IMM: Caribe by Sebastian Herkner for Ames

Each piece from the collection is hand-woven in one of six colour combinations, including bright contrasts between orange and blue, and green and pink.

Herkner was approached by Ames company owner, Ana Maria Calderon Kayser, to design a collection two years ago.

He “fell in love” with the idea of working with Colombian craftsmen, after seeing furniture in the country made using traditional techniques.

IMM: Caribe by Sebastian Herkner for Ames

“I saw these colourful crafted rocking chairs in the courtyards of houses and hotels,” he told Dezeen. “Made of basic structural steel and coloured plastic tubes, they reflect the culture of Colombia – the joy and hospitality.”

“Since I established my design practice about ten years ago, my studio has been interested in crafts, colours, techniques and technologies,” he added. “The Caribe range gives a Caribbean mood to your terrace.”

IMM: Caribe by Sebastian Herkner for Ames

Other contemporary furniture that incorporates traditional crafts includes Studio Ilse’s scoop-patterned hand-carved benches, and Wingårdhs’ hand chiselled “tattooed” stools.

The Caribe range debuted at IMM Cologne 2017, which took place from 16 to 22 January. Other products that launched at this year’s event include mirrors by Meike Harde that sit askew in their frames, a hybrid bed-desk by Pieter Peulen and a copper clock by Patrick Palcic that uses perfume to tell time.


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