Tennessee church group donates furniture to Kinston flood victims – WITN

KINSTON, N.C. (WITN) – While many have long forgotten the impacts of Hurricane Matthew, others are still on the road to recovery.

That’s why a disaster relief organization worked with a local church Monday to help people who were impacted here in the east.

The Church of Christ Disaster Relief Group in Nashville, TN made a major donation to more than 30 families in Kinston through the form of furniture.

Dozens of flood victims and their families gathered at the Kinston Church of Christ Monday afternoon to help unload boxes and crates of different pieces of furniture.

Church member Ivan Monroe helped to organize the donation and says all of the people receiving the furniture had to qualify for FEMA and had to go through a screening process with the Unmet Needs Committee and their church.

After site visits with each family, he was able to determine how to best serve each family’s specific needs.

Sherl Cox and her family have been staying in a hotel since October 16th and say this donation is a huge blessing.

“We were so tickled to hear from Mr. Ivan, I mean, you just don’t know how happy we were,” she tells WITN. “Because we have been waiting and waiting. It took us forever to find a home. Now, we’ve found a home and we need furniture to go into it because it was all messed up.”

Cox says she’s now just looking forward to having a home to settle into and to eat a home-cooked meal.

Monroe says this is just the first of several deliveries. Later this week, some appliances for the families will be coming in and then sometime in the next few weeks, mattresses will be delivered.

All of the items from the Church of Christ Disaster Relief Group are new and were donated through various drop-off locations, starting at the beginning of December.


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