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Unanswered questions remain in case…

REDDING, Calif. – There are a lot of unanswered questions about the body found in a flooded Redding furniture store Monday.

Shasta County Corners Office identified the man as Brandon Ebbs, but the cause of his death is still under investigation.

Oak Tree Furniture Manager, Todd Harper said they’ve had issues in the past with transients but never in the area where he discovered the body.

Tuesday the doors to the store were open but Oak Tree Furniture was closed for business as crews worked to dry out the building.

“My aunt and uncle asked me to come down because we thought there was just some flooding. It’s hard to imagine there was some type of break in,” said Harper.

While moving to save as much inventory as possible, Harper discovered two small holes in the wall, leading outside to a small enclosed space near the center of the building.

Once the water receded he made his way out to the area when he discovered Ebbs’ body.

“Because of the debris that had been created from the wall being taken down, at that point, I found a body that was floating in the water and then the whole scenario changed.”

Harper said the water was still about a foot deep but expected that it dropped since they turned the water off.

He was not sure how Ebbs wound up in the tiny space but said he must have climbed the roof and squeezed through a gap near the gutter.

He said a rake was left outside and that must have been what Ebbs used to bust through the wall and believed he tried to climb out by stepping on a water spigot, breaking it, which flooded the store.

Redding Police Sargent Ron Icely said the public may never know for sure what Ebbs was really trying to do.

“From the guy outside looking in, it appears he was trying to make entry into the building. For what purposes I don’t know. For a burglary there’s ways break into buildings, he went through some extreme measures to get to a position that he was at,” said Icely.

Harper said while the discovery was gruesome, he imagined things could have been worse.

“I hate to see any loss of life. Somebody chose to go down a road that they chose to go down. But in my gut I just prayed that my uncle didn’t open that door and somebody was on the other side where something could have happened worse,” said Harper.

Oak Tree Furniture will be closed for about two to three weeks while employees salvage what they can and fix the damage.


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