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Union Furniture Company Makes Use of Recycled Materials

Zachary Warren

Gerald Harriman owns Frankenstein Furniture in Union. Contrary to the name, there is nothing scary about his business.

“It’s about taking old pieces of furniture and parts and pieces, any kind of lumber from barns, attics, garages, wherever we can get it. And we just create stuff out of it.”

Harriman has a background in the antiques business. Now he focuses on collecting old wood and recycling it to make tables, chairs, and counter tops. He even built his basement wall using old materials.

“I found that people wanted furniture that could fit them and some of the old stuff was either rickety or it was too small and not the right size. So I ended up building study that looked old but kind of a nice feel to it.”

Some of the old resources Harriman uses are donated. Others he finds at abandoned houses and lawn sales.  Apart from being environmentally friendly, Frankenstein Furniture products also cut down on cost for both the maker and the customer.

“It’s really strong, you know? It’s cheaper. A lot of people are going to throw this wood away. Furniture that’s broken, I can take pieces off and make things out of it. It just has that look that people want. It looks old but it is made brand new.”

The furniture is worked on for hours on end until it has been re-purposed and refinished. The end product leaves customers with a brand new piece while also providing a bit of nostalgia.

“It’s a lot of stuff that people have on their property. Like an old door that was from a house that they lived in. I can take that and make it in to something, and that means more to the customer.”

Harriman says working with recycled wood can be difficult. Sometimes the materials are too damaged or won’t fit the new piece. But of course, he says the extra effort is all worth it in the end.

“I love doing it. I mean, I’m right here in my own workshop and it is nice and warm and I can just come out here at any time of day and just start working on stuff. It’s really, really nice. I love creating stuff.”


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