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Mixing it up

Although a merging of indoor and outdoor styles creates synergy, it need not lead to a sea of sameness. Furniture of mixed materials adds visual contrast. Woven chairs can be placed around an aluminum cocktail table or stone fire pit.

“It’s fun to mix it up. It’s a natural extension of what we see in the architecture and design world,” says Davis.

Questions to ask before you buy

Here are tips from Davis and Scott to make the buying decision easier.

Davis recommends homeowners consider the size and use of their outdoor space.

* How much space is available?

* Will the furniture occupy a single large area or separate smaller areas?

* How will the outdoor space be used?

* How many people will be entertained in the space?

* Will children be using the outdoor area?

* Is the space covered or open to the elements?

* What is the budget for outdoor furniture?

* How long will they expect to use it?

* Will the furniture need to last 18 months or 18 years?

Keeping it clean

Although today’s outdoor furniture needs little care, Scott offers these tips to keep it clean.

* Remove mildew quickly.

* Hose down frames and cushions with soap and water once or twice a season.

* Between cleaning, use a cloth to remove dust.

* Cover furniture as needed to prevent heavy pollen or squirrel damage.

Nancy Baldwin is a Plano freelance writer.


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