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By: Chad Groening

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI)- This weekend’s arctic blast didn’t chill the enthusiasm at the Tupelo Furniture Market, as participants are exited about the arrival of a pro-business president.

This year’s first 2017 session of the Tupelo Furniture Market was scheduled earlier this year in January rather than February when it normally takes place.

“You know the furniture industry took a hit just like real estate did you know eight to ten years ago. And things have gotten progressively better. With the new president coming in you know the industry overall is positive about it and when people are positive and business is positive, things tend to move faster to our experience for this market has been really positive, very upbeat, this is the first time we’ve had our market in January. We’re the first furniture market of the year,” says Kevin Seddon with the Furniture Market.

Seddon says bedding has been a real hot item in the furniture business of late. And he says 70 new companies showed their merchandise at the two-million square foot facility for the first time, including Kevin Harper of Harper Plaid, who specializes in accessories.

He is also excited about the arrival of a pro-business president.

“100% just the attitude and the positive attitude that he has. Just stating that he is going to help businesses, help small companies and provide as many jobs as we can right here in America. Just that alone I think just uplift’s us all and give us a more positive outlook on the future,” says Seddon.

And another company with a great outlook on the future is United Furniture Industries which features the signature Simmons Upholstery brand. Executive VP of sales Jay Quimby likes the January date.

“I think it’s been much better for the Tupelo market. You’re in front of the tax season and a lot more buyers I think it’s better attendance for it. Business right now post election has been very good for us for United Simmons and we’ve got six plants in here in Northeast Mississippi,” says Quimby.

And things are going so well for United Furniture here in Northeast Mississippi that Quimby says that they want to hire a lot of people.

“High wages. we’re actually doing a $500 sign on bonus if we can come to work and we will train. We have training lines set up and we’re looking to hire a couple hundred people right away now,” says Quimby.

A lot of people don’t know that Mississippi produces the largest amount of upholstered furniture in the United States. So a lot of furniture is built in Mississippi and even during the recession new products and new companies were launching in Mississippi so we think now that the economy has gotten stronger and it’s moving forward and they’re a positive attitude that it’s only going to get better.


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