If you own Ikea furniture dating from the 70’s through the 90’s, you could be earning thousands of dollars by selling them online.

“Our records show that there is a huge demand, greater than ever before, for vintage Ikea furniture. There has been a big boom within the last year that has been felt in markets all across the world,” says Pontus Silfverstolpe, founder of online auction site Barneby’s, to The Daily Mail.


Barneby’s revealed this trend through its search engine aggregator that tracks sales auction houses around the world. 

“[Typical buyers] are fairly young people who have started to make some money, and who are interested in interior design they remember fondly from their childhood homes,” the same Silfverstolpe told Dagens Nyheter. 

In some cases, Barneby’s has sold well-kept vintage furniture for up to ten times its original price. The record belongs to a pair of Ikea’s ‘Åke’ chairs, fetching $65,000 three years ago. 

A key driver of interest is a growing supply of old furtniture from deceased peoples’ estates. Furthermore, Ikea has historically been good at following trends that reflect the present times, which is why its vintage designs attracts buyers.

“Unlike many of their items today, IKEA’s older products were actually made very well and have stood the test of time,” Silfverstolpe explained to The Daily Mail.

Some of the bestselling vintage Ikea items are: resting chair Skye, chair models Natura and Vilbert, and sofa’s Impala and Moment. 

A ‘Skye’ resting chair being auctioned at Barneby’s. The current asking price is SEK 2200 ($225)


A pair of ‘Natura’ chairs from 1977, currently being auctioned at Bukowski’s – the starting price is SEK 6000 ($700)