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CabinetDIY launches the Style Test campaign to help property owners select the cabinet style according to their test result. The campaign has been launched to help property owners avoid expensive mistakes and choose the right kitchen design for a quick sale.

A quality kitchen can help a homeowner sell their property much quicker than a home with a tired kitchen. Property owners looking to sell their homes are confused with what type of new kitchen to install. With the different ranges available and the different styles, deciding to have a traditional, or modern kitchen can be a tough and expensive decision to make.

A spokesman from CabinetDIY said” “By getting the choice of kitchen wrong it could slow down the sale of the property by marketing it to the wrong house buyers.”

A great kitchen design can increase the value of a property. However, when house sellers talk to family and friends, they are split on what type of kitchen to install. Some people say it is better to have a traditional kitchen as they stand the test of time, but others say a modern kitchen will light up the room.

According to CabinetDIY, while traditional kitchens are warmer and cozier, made mainly of real wooden finishes, and do not go out of fashion. Modern kitchens are fashionable and chic. With striking designs using block shapes and sharp lines, providing the whole premise a sleek and tidy look. Both styles can look great in the right type of property but installing the wrong type of kitchen when selling a property can be an expensive mistake.

When selling a property, it is important to decide what market a property seller is aiming for, a family, a young professional couple, or a young family. By choosing the right market, a house could sell much quicker by upgrading the property and kitchen for that market.

According to CabinetDIY and real estate agents, a young professional couple would look for a modern kitchen to impress family and friends when throwing dinner parties. A young professional couple would be looking for a more modern property than a young family or an older buyer with teenagers. However, a couple who have a young family or who have teenagers would be looking for a traditional kitchen that could stand the test of time and withstand family life.

If a property owner were looking to sell their property to a young or mature family, then according to CabinetDIY, a traditional kitchen would be the best choice. However, if the property owner is looking to sell to a young professional couple, then a modern kitchen can help speed up a sale.

CabinetDIY offers a variety of modern and traditional RTA Kitchen cabinets to make it easy for the customer to find the perfect style for their home. The Ready To Assemble kitchen cabinets available at CabinetDIY can be shipped to client’s door nationwide with free shipping and free samples available. To help customers save even more, the company offers 20% discounts on un-assembled units.

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CabinetDIY was established in 2004 to provide professional interior design services and products throughout North America and beyond. The company’s team takes each customer’s need, complaint or suggestion seriously, constantly improving their services and products to meet the demands for quality, uniqueness and diversity of the today’s generation.


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