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From self-driving cars to virtual reality headsets, it’s becoming more and more obvious that the world is changing and we are headed towards a future where advanced technology is the norm rather than an interesting novelty. Indeed, technology is slowly but surely creeping its way into everyday life as we speak and a recent example comes in the form of Moley Robotics, a UK-based company that wants to automate kitchens with the help of their robot chef. While it may take a few more years before the general public will be able to have a fully-automated kitchen in their homes, that notion is definitely not just a pipe dream as Moley already has a working prototype unit and is currently seeking investors in order to further develop the robot.

As it’s usually the case nowadays, the company is hoping to raise the necessary funds through crowdfunding and has already made some good progress since the campaign started a few days ago. The campaign can be found on equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs and has a funding goal of £1 million, 56% of which has already been raised as of this writing. £1 million is certainly nothing to sneeze at but it’s not an outrageous sum either considering the ambitious project. In fact, Moley Robotics received a pre-money valuation of over £37 million, so the long-term potential is clearly there.

In addition to offering up to 2.6% equity in the company, with shares priced at £3.74, early investors will have the opportunity to help shape the business,” the company promises. “They will be invited to feed into the development process as Moley’s team works with top international designers, household name domestic appliance producers, and others to refine the technology.”

Those looking to pitch in for the project can pledge anywhere from £10 to £30,000 or more, with various rewards to look forward to depending on the sum. Even for just £10, potential investors can contribute towards the development of possible kitchen designs and recipes, however, one must pledge at least £1,000 in order to get a good deal on the upcoming robotic kitchen and related products. As for how much Moley Kitchen might cost once the final product hits the market, it’s a bit hard to say at this point but the company has stated that it wants the price to be comparable to that of a traditional kitchen renovation.


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