Boris Johnson says Heathrow airport expansion is ‘undeliverable’ – minutes after Government backs third runway –

Theresa May will chair a meeting of her airport sub-committee, which does not include Mr Johnson and Ms Greening, early tomorrow morning.

She will then host a full Cabinet, in which she is expected to explain the decision, before Chris Grayling, the Transport Secretary, makes a formal announcement in the Commons.

The Telegraph understands that he will highlight the importance of air freight, as well as holidaymakers and business travellers. Heathrow carries 150 times more air freight than Gatwick in terms of value.

Ministers who want to criticise the decision will have to notify the Prime Minister before doing so. Mr Johnson is expected to make a brief statement to broadcasters and write to his constituents. Ms Greening is expected to make a statement about the decision on her website.

The rebellion over Heathrow has the potential to dent the Conservative’s slim majority if Mr Goldsmith goes ahead and resigns as expected. He will be supported by Tania Mathias, the Conservative MP for Twickenham, and his local Conservative constiuency association.

Mrs Mathias, who was elected last year, said: “Zac is doing the honourable thing by committing to his pledge and I fully support him in that.”

After giving Heathrow the green light the Government will table draft legislation, which will be put out to consultation before a Parliamentary vote which is expected late next year.

Between 20 and 30 Conservative MPs are expected to vote against it, but an expanded Heathrow has the support of the SNP. Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, is expected to give his MPs a free vote.


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