Clinton Considers Facebook’s Sandberg for Cabinet, Liberals … – Newsmax

Facebook billionaire Sheryl Sandberg has been billed as a potential Treasury secretary for Hillary Clinton’s cabinet, but her connections are concerning to progressives, Politico reported Sunday. 

Sandberg’s ties to former President Bill Clinton’s Treasury Larry Summers, Facebook’s international tax policies and the fear a Democratic White House will have a Cabinet allied with big business are reasons for concern, according to the report.

“She’s a proxy for this growing problem that is the hegemony of five to 10 major Silicon Valley platforms,” David Segal, executive director of advocacy group Demand Progress, told Politico.

Sandberg has also been considered a potential fit for commerce secretary, as Clinton advisers view her as “highly progressive,” experienced in business from her years at Facebook and Google, and a advocate for women’s issues, according to the report.

“She ticks an awful lot of boxes, and she would be great at the job even if she doesn’t have extensive markets experience,” a Clinton outside adviser told Politico. “She also has a pretty compelling personal story.”

Sandberg has maintained she is “staying at Facebook” and “very happy” in her role, per the report. The 47-year-old wrote the book “Lean In” and lost her husband to a heart attack last year.

“At the level in which someone like Sheryl might join, it would be about her personally,” Aneesh Chopra, President Barack Obama’s former chief technology officer, told Politico. “When you’re talking about Cabinet level, sub-Cabinet level, CTO or otherwise, you’re talking about individuals whose life stories are critical to their judgment and their capacities to thrive in advancing the priorities of the president.”


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