Corbyn’s Cabinet nuclear fall out –

Asked last September if he would approve Trident’s use, Mr Corbyn said: “No. One hundred and eighty seven countries don’t feel the need to have a nuclear weapon to protect their security, why should those five need it themselves? We are not in the era of the Cold War any more, it finished a long time ago.”

In an interview with The House magazine, Ms Griffith said: “It’s absolutely vital that if you have a deterrent, you are prepared to use it – otherwise it’s not a deterrent.

“Of course, nobody wants to reach that situation, and it’s very important that we have a strong defence policy, that we should act quickly, in a determined manner if we are attacked, or if we think there is potential for attack, so that we can nip things in the bud. But at the end of the day, ultimately it’s important to have an ultimate deterrent.”


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