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President-elect Donald Trump wants his administration to make a splash in the first six months and is giving his Cabinet picks the leeway to quickly shake things up in the Capitol, it was reported Monday.

“He doesn’t want them to do business the same old way,” Texas Agriculture Secretary Sid Miller, who met with Trump for a possible role in the administration, told Politico.

He predicted that Trump’s Cabinet will be encouraged to make radical changes at federal agencies. “It won’t take six months. It’ll be less than that. They’ll look different in 30 days,” Miller said.

Trump’s Cabinet – a mix of wealthy businessmen, investment executives and military leaders – will operate more like a board of directors than a typical gathering of policy wonks and experts, Miller said.

“He’s running it much like he’s run a Fortune 500 company. He’s finding the best people he can and he’s going to turn the reins over to them to see what they can do. He wants them to perform,” Miller said.

Trump also delegated responsibilities in his businesses, according to a former employee.

“You’d go several days when you wouldn’t hear from him,” Sam Nunberg, a former Trump aide, told Politico. “Then he’s ask you, ‘Are we on this?’ What’s going on with this” What’s happening there?’ If there’s something he wants done, he doesn’t do well with you telling him it’s not done yet.”

Confirmation hearings begin Tuesday in the Senate, with Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general and retired Gen. John Kelly for Homeland Security up first.

On Wednesday, hearings will be held on Rex Tillerson for secretary of state, Rep. Mike Pompeo of Kansas for CIA director, Betsy De Vos for education secretary, and Elaine Chao for transportation secretary.


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