Donald Trump’s big news conference could help him divert attention from Cabinet fights – Los Angeles Times

Eight of President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet choices are walking into Senate hearing rooms this week to explain why they should help lead the country. But all of them can expect to be upstaged by Trump himself, who is giving his first news conference Wednesday since winning the election.

A confluence of news events in one of Washington’s busiest weeks will make it hard for Trump’s opponents to focus national attention on any individual Cabinet battle, despite vast implications for the economy, foreign relations, immigration and other prime issues.

Trump has been adept at using his Twitter feed, staged appearances and provocative statements to divert attention from thorny problems, including a group of Cabinet choices who have inspired intense opposition from liberal groups. He has built anticipation for Wednesday’s appearance in part by breaking with recent tradition in which presidents-elect publicly took questions within days of being declared the election winner. The forum with reporters in New York will mark Trump’s first formal news conference since July.

Trump will have plenty to discuss, given the number of questions that have arisen over his intentions for governing the country, White House staffing decisions, potentials for conflicts of interest and controversies that have erupted since his election. Explosive reports Tuesday night from CNN and BuzzFeed concerning unverified allegations that Russian officials colluded with his political allies and hold compromising information about him are now expected to dominate the event. Trump has forcefully criticized the allegations on his Twitter feed. No media outlet has verified the claims.


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