Donald Trump’s Cabinet is complete: No Latinos for the first time since 1989 – Los Angeles Times

Donald Trump’s preferred Cabinet is now complete — and it’s the least diverse by any president, Republican or Democrat, since the 1981 inauguration of Ronald Reagan. It’s also the first since 1989 not to include a Latino member.

Overwhelmingly, Trump’s Cabinet is white and male. The 15 formal slots include one African American man, secretary of Housing and Urban Development-designate Ben Carson; an Asian American woman, secretary of Transportation-designate Elaine Chao; and a white woman, Betsy DeVos, Trump’s pick to run the Department of Education.

All Cabinet selections must be confirmed by the Senate.

Trump spokesman Sean Spicer said Thursday that the absence of Latinos in the high ranks of Trump’s administration — following a campaign in which the president-elect was often critical of them — should not be considered a breach of his promise to represent all Americans.

“He is here to serve all,” Spicer said.

“The number one thing that I think Americans should focus on, is he hiring the best and the brightest? Is he hiring people who are committed to enacting real change, respecting taxpayers, bringing about an agenda that will create jobs, lift up wages?”

He said Trump’s administration will include “diversity in gender and diversity in thinking and a diversity of ideology. So, it’s not just about, you know, skin color or ethnic heritage.”

Asked whether he meant to imply that no Latino candidate made the cut as among the “best and the brightest”, Spicer sharply retorted: “That’s not what I said.”

He added that other jobs remained to be filled: “I caution you to stay tuned.”

Trump’s Thursday designation of former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue as secretary of Agriculture completed his Cabinet selections.

At least one Latino, former California Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado, interviewed for the job. On Wednesday night, he tweeted a picture from the lobby of the Trump International hotel a few blocks from the White House of “a beautiful bottle of Trump Sparkling Wine.”


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