Don’t Judge My Medicine Cabinet – Huffington Post

Initially, I was hard on myself for buying those pretty little pill cases so I could easily carry them in my purse and car for those “pain” emergencies. The stigma of using these medications is unfair to those of us that truly need them to live a full existence. Sure, I could not take them when my pain hits level 7. But ultimately the pain would run away to a level 10. I’d be curled up in a fetal position, grasping at my head, locked in a dark room, telling my kids to be quiet, and oh ya, sorry Mommy can’t play with you because just the sound of your voices will make me vomit in agony. So, before you judge me for nonchalantly reaching for that pill case while we’re at coffee, imagine having a tooth pulled without anesthesia and being told to just deal with it. The difference is, your pain would eventually fade and mine does not.


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