Fake news websites could cause another MP to be murdered, warns Cabinet minister Damian Green – Telegraph.co.uk

Raheem Kassam, a spokesman dor Breitbart London, added: “For Downing Street to roll out one of the government’s top dogs is proof of how terrified they are of our continued exposure of Theresa May’s track record of failure, on Brexit, on law and order, and on tackling radical Islam.

“Damian Green had no problem campaigning alongside me years ago against the idea of a national government ID scheme, but now he’s in government he’s warning that we are ‘dangerous’?

“Well I take pride in that. We are dangerous. Dangerous to the political elite. Dangerous to the status quo. And dangerous to the strain of left liberalism that runs through the Conservative Party. Deal with it”. 

During the speech, Mr Green made fun of former Chancellor George Osborne, who has published a series of articles in The Evening Standard attacking Mrs May since becoming editor.

He said: “I normally take all of my political analysis from the London Evening Standard. So I know that the Government and the Prime Minister personally is to blame for Ben Stokes’ night life, Hurricane Ophelia and the fact that week after week with her as Prime Minister as we go through October into November the sun shines for a smaller time every day. The Evening Standard – Russia Today with less George Galloway.”


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