Hillary Already Picking Cabinet, 50 Percent Women – Newsmax


Hillary Clinton’s campaign has reportedly begun developing an agenda for her possible presidency — and a Cabinet that’ll be filled with about as many women as men.

The Washington Post reports Clinton’s initial agenda plans include measures to create jobs, to boost infrastructure spending and for immigration reform.

She also also plans to propose new measures on campaign-finance reform and to end legal immunity for gun manufacturers, according to the Post.

Her cabinet, the Post reports, will be packed with women “in roughly equal numbers to men and that otherwise reflects American diversity.” Lobbying has already “intensified” for those and “scores of other jobs” in a new administration, the Post reports.

According to the Post, out of some 4,000 political jobs to fill, more than 1,000 require Senate confirmation, and vetting, security clearances and ethics checks can take months.

Felicia Wong, the president and chief executive officer of the liberal Roosevelt Institute in New York, tells the Post the group has worked for six months to compile a list of “multiple hundreds” of people to recommend for administration positions.

“There’s no way to execute on that kind of ambitious policy agenda without excellent leadership,” Wong tells the Post, adding that advancing proposals in Congress on jobs and infrastructure would help put Clinton in a better position to push parts of her agenda.

But her biggest challenge will be “the environment in which she comes to office,” the Post quotes one unnamed ex-Obama administration official saying.

“I don’t think any president has come to office underwater on their favorable image,” the source tells the Post. “This would be uncharted waters coming to office as an unpopular person. You don’t have a wellspring of goodwill to draw on, even in the first 100 days.”

The Democratic nominee named a five-member transition planning team last week,  and also moved some top policy advisers over from her campaign to that group.


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