Jeremy Corbyn facing shadow cabinet revolt over constituency boundaries shake-up –

Jeremy Corbyn is facing a shadow cabinet revolt after the Labour party backed a plan to protect his seat from shake up of constituency boundaries.

The Boundaries Commission will publish details on Tuesday of which MPs will lose their seats as part of a Government commitment to cut the number of constituencies from 650 to 600.

The overall effect will to rebalance the electoral system in favour of the Tories of around 10 seats, rather than 30 seats as had been the case before the election in June this year.

However it is unclear whether the shake-up will go ahead with the Democratic Unionist Party saying privately that it will not vote in favour of the plans when they are put to a vote next year.

Labour is understood to have mounted a bid to persuade the Commission to save Mr Corbyn’s Islington North.

However this is likely to have meant that other shadow Cabinet members in neighbouring seats…


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