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Why shouldn’t the president’s Cabinet appointees be wealthy?


There is so much news and controversy concerning the president’s choices of Cabinet appointments. It seems like the Senate was fighting against something for the pure politics of the matter.

These Cabinet members are not the Senate’s Cabinet or even the Citizens’ Cabinet. These positions are people who the president has in his or her corner to help promote his or her agenda. After the Senate checks and makes sure these individuals are not criminals or disqualified for a legitimate reason, they should confirm their appointments. I felt the same way when the Republicans stood in the way of President Obama’s Cabinet appointees, and now it’s even worse.

A better use of the Senate’s time would be doing the business of this country. A presidential Cabinet member cannot make law; they must abide by it or petition the Congress to change the law.

If every branch would decide, starting today, that they will no longer do anything more than what the Constitution allows their role to do, then we would be in such a better place as a nation.

Being wealthy or even having wealthy friends should not disqualify a person from being a Cabinet member. A funny thing is, I have heard some from the minority party criticizing how wealthy these appointees are but, when you go and look up their net worth, they are multi-millionaires themselves.

One good thing about having an ultra-wealthy person on the president’s Cabinet is, you don’t have to worry about them taking a payoff from special interest, because who could afford what it would cost to bribe them.

Noel Gregory Cook



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