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Posted: Monday, November 30, 2015 6:00 am

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New OU SGA executive leaders currently taking applications for cabinet

Brianna Sims, News Reporter

The Oklahoma Daily


OU Student Government President and Vice President Daniel Pae and Michael Lutter are beginning to compile a representative team to help them serve their terms in SGA.

The applications for Pae and Lutter’s cabinet are all online through OrgSync and will be due on Dec. 4 at 11:59 p.m, according to Pae. 

“We’ll have a whole bunch of interviews during dead week, and we’ll make our final decisions the week before Christmas break,” Pae said.

Pae and Lutter sat down and discussed the structure of their cabinet to ensure that it encompasses everyone on campus.

“We’re going to have a Chief of Staff, an Executive Assistant, a Legislative Assistant, then four departments: Department of Interior that will focus on campus-wide issues; a Department of Exterior that will focus on city and state issues, particularly with the sales tax that will be a big campaign in the spring; Department of Communications that will reach out to the student body; and finally, a Department of Inclusivity that will reach out to multicultural and minority groups to make sure they’re represented and to make sure SGA has diversity among the branches,” Pae said.

Pae and Lutter said the applications are open to anyone and everyone who is willing to apply.

“We want you to apply, whether or not people have prior experience with SGA, because we know some people are freshman that are interested in getting involved or the person hasn’t had a chance to get involved with SGA thus far,” Lutter said.

As far as what they are looking for in cabinet members, Pae and Lutter said they want a group of passionate people in all four departments. In the individual departments, however, the qualities they are looking for are different.

“It depends on the department,” Lutter said. “With the communications, we want them to really try to push the brand of SGA so that people know what SGA is doing for them on a daily basis. We want people with experience. Our communications team during our campaign did such a great job, and we want to take that to a whole other level, so that people know what SGA is able to do. For interior, we are looking for event-oriented people who can work with things like Turn Up for Transit. The exterior is kind of neat because they will be coordinating a lot of service projects here in Norman that we’re going to try to initiate. So it really depends on the department on what people are interested in SGA.”

There will also be a five-person selection committee comprised of Pae and Lutter and leaders of different multicultural groups and greek organizations to ensure representation among their cabinet members.

“We don’t want our panel to just be our friends or people we have worked with in the past,” Lutter said. “We want it to be representative of the student body.” 

Pae and Lutter said they ultimately want to improve the students’ overall experience here at OU.

“Michael and I aren’t Batman and Superman,” Pae said. “We can’t be in every place at once, so we want a great team of people behind us consisting of a representative cabinet with the best and brightest minds on this campus. We want to make a difference.” 

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