The Salem Teachers Cabinet will present their recommendations to the Salem School Committee and the community at 6:15 p.m., righ before the regular School Committee meeting on Monday,June 15, in the School Committee chambers at the Collins Middle School.

The group of 10 teachers has been meeting for the past five months, with the support of the non-profit Teach Plus, to review and deliberate on several critical issues facing Salem’s schools.

Salem Launches Teachers Cabinet

These issues include how the district can better retain and support teachers, how best to embrace teacher leadership opportunities, and key strategies to make the most of expanded school time.

The presentation is open to the public and refreshments will be provided.

The 2015 Salem Teachers Cabinet includes: Tina Cardone (math teacher, Salem High School), Jason Colombino (STEM coordinator), Valerie Drinan (math coach, K-8), Lynn Embick-Morris (4th grade teacher, Nathaniel Bowditch School), Eric Farley (Academic Center coordinator, Salem High School), Victoria Hernandez-Bailey (humanities coordinator, K-8), Lauren Hobin (6th grade English language arts teacher, Collins Middle School), Rebecca Lewis (5th grade humanities teacher, Bentley Elementary School), Sean McLaughlin (social studies teacher, Salem High School), and Michael Titus (7th grade English language arts teacher, Collins Middle School).

The Salem Teachers Cabinet is funded by a grant from the Salem Five Charitable Foundation.

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