Schumer: Trump Could Succeed If He Continues Taking On GOP Establishment – RealClearPolitics

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer comments on President Trump’s cabinet and how Trump can succeed at taking on both party establishments on ABC’s ‘The View.’

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER: I was so disappointed. So many of — The cabinet is the worst cabinet I’ve seen in the history of America.

Donald Trump campaigned on cleaning up Wall Street, on getting special interests and swamp out of the cabinet. We call his cabinet the Swamp Cabinet — billionaires and bankers. Totally against what he campaigned on…

I told him this… You campaigned as a populist against both the Democratic and Republican establishments, and if you continue to do that you will have some success. but if you do what you’re doing… on the hard, hard right… you’re going to be a failure. That is what is going to happen.

More from Schumer’s interview on ‘The View’ courtesy of ABC News:


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