Sen. Lankford: Trump Asked His Cabinet Members for Loyalty – Newsmax

A Republican senator said Thursday President Donald Trump’s loyalty request of former FBI Director James Comey was similar to what he asked of his Cabinet members when they were interviewed.

Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., appeared on Fox News and seemed to take the president’s side on the matter.

“That sounds exactly like [how] the president spoke to every other cabinet official in the process,” Lankford said.

Trump fired Comey last month. Comey answered questions from the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday, and in a written statement provided to the committee, Comey said Trump requested his loyalty during a January dinner.

“Comey did more yesterday in his written statement — and we’ll see more of what he says on the stand — to confirm what the president said rather than all the other people outside there who said Comey would never say that,” Lankford said.


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