Sen. Tom Cotton: Cabinet officials, lawmakers need to support Trump or resign – Washington Times

Sen. Tom Cotton said those who do not support President Trump’s message need to resign.

“The simple fact of the matter is the American people elected the president ultimately to make these decisions,” Mr. Cotton, Arkansas Republican, said on Fox News in an interview that aired Tuesday.

Mr. Cotton was speaking about those in the Cabinet or Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill who have been highly critical of the president’s message at times. The senator has previously said the president’s advisers and Cabinet officials should suggest alternative ideas if they disagree with Mr. Trump, but if the president chooses a particular course of action, then they either need to support it or remove themselves if they need to.

In Mr. Trump’s administration, rumors have swirled about disagreements with the commander-in-chief that have led to blowups.

“If one feels strongly enough that [the president is] taking the wrong course, then one needs to resign. Otherwise one has to execute the president’s guidances even if one disagrees with it,” he added.

Reports surfaced in the past week that Mr. Cotton could be an addition to the Cabinet if Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson were to resign. Although Mr. Tillerson has denied reports that he’s unhappy in the current role, if he were to resign, there could be a shifting of positions among current Cabinet officials that would leave Mr. Cotton as head of the CIA.

Mr. Cotton denied this notion in the interview, saying he’s happy in his role as a U.S. senator.

“I think that job is filled right now, as all are filled,” he said referring to the CIA position.

“One of the good things about being a U.S. senator is that you answer to the people back home in Arkansas,” Mr. Cotton added.

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