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Senate held its final committee meeting of its term on Thursday. The meeting consisted of discussions about First Year Council funding and rules as well as rules and regulations for the Executive Cabinet.

However, the meeting began with an announcement from Speaker of the Senate Lance McCaskey informing the Senate that SGA President Lillian Roth had vetoed Bill 16, which would codify Student Organization Seating after a Constitutional amendment removed the process from the Constitution during the March 7 elections. 

McCaskey said if any Senator wishes to try to override Roth’s veto, he or she must send the bill to the Secretary of the Senate by next Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. and it will be considered during old business during the meeting the following day. In order to override, two thirds of the body must vote “yes.”

After announcements, Senate discussed Bill 18, which deals with appropriating funds for the FYC. The FYC currently has the power to have a budget, but the process to require funding takes such a long time that few councilors feel that it is necessary to have a budget, said Councilor Brandon Perdue, the bill’s author.

The bill would create a code to allow the “appropriation of pre-approved funds to the First Year Council” and doing so would “allow First Year Council members to explicitly designate funding (within the pre-approved amount) to initiatives they deem important throughout the legislative year,” according to the bill.

The bill was previously passed by the FYC and after discussion was referred to the Senate Financial Committee.

Senate also heard multiple pieces of legislation concerning the rules and regulations of the FYC and Executive Cabinet. Senator Ross D’Entremont, a sophomore majoring in political science and finance, authored Bill 22 which would remove the FYC’s rules from the SGA Code of Laws, similar to the creation of the Senate Rules and Regulations document earlier in the legislative term. D’Entremont said passing this bill, coupled with Bill 21 which would actually create the separate document containing the FYC’s rules, will give FYC control over its rules and regulations.

Bills 21 and 22 were considered and sent to the Rules Committee for further discussion.

Similarly, D’Entremont introduced bills 19 and 20, concerning the rules and regulations for the Executive Cabinet. The Executive Cabinet consists of positions created by the SGA president that “serve the President in the administration and facilitation of the duties of his or her office,” as outlined by the SGA Constitution. The chief of staff and attorney general are two positions within the cabinet.

Bill 20, similar to bill 22, would remove portions of the Cabinet’s rules and regulations from the Code of Laws. D’Entremont said sections such as vacancies and the establishment of the Cabinet were kept in the Code of Laws. 

Additionally, Bill 19 was introduced to create a separate document for the portions of the Cabinet’s rules and regulations that were removed from the Code of Laws.

Both bills were referred to the Rules Committee.

Order of Events:

1.) Bill 18 to “permit the appropriation of First Year Council Funds” introduced, sent to the Financial Committee

2.) Bill 22 detailing the FYC rules and regulations introduced, referred to the Rules Committee.

3.) Bill 21 the “FYC rules and regulations establishment bill” introduced, sent to the Rules Committee.

4.) Bill 20 outlining the Executive Cabinet rules and regulations introduced, sent to the Rules Committee.

5.) Bill 19 the “Executive Cabinet rules and regulations creation bill” introduced, referred to the Rules Committee.


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