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Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions continues to be a national player in Republican politics. His early support of Donald Trump may prove helpful if the GOP takes the White House. Sessions said he’s not gunning for a cabinet job just yet. Early Sunday morning, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions was on the News 5 studio set. He was talking live on CNN’s State of the Union. At times Sessions was echoing some of Donald Trump’s key talking points like immigration.

“Every American no matter what their religion is entitled to be protected in the free expression of that religion but you don’t have a religious right to demand entry into the united states the constitution does not give that right,” said Sessions on CNN.

The immigration issue helped Trump pull into an early and permanent lead in the republican primary. Sessions has been outspoken on it for years–adding states are getting kicked around as a federal court throw out Alabama’s lawsuit over the federal refugee program.

“Courts have consistently been way too favorable to ‘any immigration is okay,’,” said Sessions. Sessions was the first sitting us senator to endorse Donald Trump and while he didn’t get picked to be Trump’s Vice President, Sessions says he continues to advise the campaign.

“He definitely is the kind of person who has loyalty to the person who has been good to him,” said Sessions. While his close ties to the trump campaign have raised his profile among conservatives sessions says he’s not angling for a cabinet position in a Trump White House.

“I don’t have any idea, we haven’t discussed that and I’m not in any way expecting to be a part of that administration,” said Sessions, clarifying that his advisory role is not related to any expectation of a job in the executive branch.

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