Someone Turned a Switch Into This Tiny, Cardboard Arcade Cabinet –

An Army soldier whiling away his time during a deployment decided it would be fun to turn his Nintendo Switch into this tiny cardboard arcade cabinet.

Zach, 23, tells Glixel he had been watching YouTube videos about do-it-yourself arcade machines that use Raspberry Pi computers.

“I was playing Namco Museum on the Switch when I thought, ‘What if I just make a mini-arcade cabinet just for playing this game and make it look cool?’,” he says. “When I came up with the idea, I knew my objects would be pretty limited since I’m currently deployed overseas, so I took an empty cardboard box, got some glue and duct tape and pretty much fitted everything around my Switch and JoyCon. 

“Once everything was put together I drew and traced some arcade pictures and colored them (with highlighters that I picked up at the PX here). Then taped over them and stuck them on.”

The other reason he decided to make a cabinet is because he never had a chance to play The Tower of Druaga, one of his favorite games and a title included on Namco Museum, on a cabinet machine. He added he might make a more solid version of the cabinet once he returns to the U.S.

“I’m saving the images that I drew at least so that I can improve the drawings and maybe add more color,” he says.z

The end result, he says, is that the Namco games all feel much more immersive when played in his tiny cardboard arcade cabinet.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone come out with a pre-decorated cardboard do-it-yourself Switch arcade cabinet kit. It could be a fun way to display and play some games on your Switch.


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