The Cabinet Nominee All Republicans Should Reject – Slate Magazine

By voting against Puzder, Republicans in the Senate would be doing themselves a favor. They’d be taking a stand in favor of workers, which might win them new admirers. They’d also give the Trump administration an opportunity to look at the Labor Department through fresh eyes. In a sobering survey of the U.S. labor market, economists Alan Krueger and Lawrence Katz observed that over the past decade, 94 percent of net job growth came in the form of temporary help agency workers, contract workers, on-call workers, and independent contractors and freelancers. Though this has been good news for those who want greater flexibility, it’s been an enormously difficult time for people seeking stable, 9-to-5 employment. Labor force participation among prime-age men has remained depressed despite recent employment gains, especially among those with high school diplomas or less. Clearly we need a new approach.


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