Theresa May, the Brexit enforcer, orders her Cabinet ministers to come up with blueprint for EU exit –

He told The Sunday Telegraph: “Of course they have had to readjust, it has been a traumatic experience. “[But] one of the things the Civil Service does – and does well – is to realign, and with quite considerable pace. So any suggestion it will not recognise Government intent – and respond accordingly – is unfair.” Tory MPs urged strong action against any officials who were frustrating the work. 

Steve Baker, the Tory MP who chaired the influential Conservatives for Britain group before the referendum, said: “Any official working to oppose our exit from the EU should be summarily fired. 

“If necessary, emergency legislation should be passed to make it possible.” However, an aide to Mr Davis, the minister in charge of the new Brexit department, said he was “not aware of any problems, everybody is quite clear on the remit. This department is in the lead on EU matters.”


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