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WASHINGTON (CNN) – Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said Tuesday people are being actively vetted for positions in the Republican nominee’s cabinet to be ready if he wins the presidency.

“Have you been actively vetting people as we speak right now for positions?” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Conway.

“Yes, because we’re going to win so we have to get ready to form a government,” she said on “The Situation Room.” “And along those lines we find many talented people who’d like to serve with Donald Trump (and) Mike Pence, and we’re really happy about that.”

Conway added: “We’re not doing it because we’re presumptuous, I think the way my friends across the aisle are doing it. But we’re doing it because it’s a very serious prospect to form a government in a really small time.”

She also said she’s confident Trump will win on Election Day, adding that the Trump’s campaign is conducting internal polls that show Trump is closer to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in North Carolina and Florida than what’s showed in public polls.

“We show Hillary Clinton under 50, and usually well under 50,” Conway said. “In North Carolina it’s closer to tied … I think Donald Trump is going to win the election. He’s also ahead in places like Ohio and Iowa internally. These are states that Mitt Romney and John McCain both lost to President (Barack) Obama. Hillary Clinton is no where near President Obama’s 52%, 53%, 55% margins in these states.”

She pushed back on assessments that conclude Trump has a difficult path to victory.

“We don’t like to say things are over, we like to leave that narrative to people who are already critical of him and want the race to be over. The race will be over November 8 or when the election results are certified, not two weeks before the election where most people haven’t exercised their vote,” she said.

And she defended Trump’s planned appearance at his Washington hotel Wednesday.

“He’s done 12 stops in Florida in two-and-a-half days. Nobody accuses Donald Trump of taking time off, believe me, when don’t even know when he sleeps or if he does, the guy is indefatigable,” Conway said. “Nobody asks Hillary Clinton, ‘Why do you have five days off before the debate?’ He’s opening a hotel that was under budget and ahead of schedule.”

Blitzer pointed out that Trump held a soft opening for the hotel last month.

“This is the grand official opening and it’s been scheduled this way for a long time and we’re very excited to show America what this man actually does. He fixes, he builds things, and it’s a family business,” Conway said. “It’s the way he wants to repair America.”

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